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Zakat Foundation bring together Muslims from United kingdom all walks of life to interact and co-operate with an objective to educate, motivate, organize and inspire muslims in United states . To join hands in order to eradicate evil practices from our society which lead to untold miseries. To see that the Muslim community puts its unspent energy to constructive use. To instill a feeling of confidence among our Younger Muslim Generation.  To play a Leading and Active role in the development & transformation of Muslims into a responsible Community consolidating a stronger place for ourselves in the United Kingdom Society & the Global arena at large. AMP Ideology  For any organization to attain sustainable success, and augment its longevity, it has to be driven by a robust and impeccable ideology. This ideology will facilitate determining the organizations objectives, outlook, modus operandi, and the conduct of its members.  The ideology of AMP is delineated by the below points:  Adherence to Islamic Ethos  More than anything else, It is the rope of Islam that the members of Zakat foundation  hold on to, while treading the strenuous path of empowerment of the United Kingdom Muslim community, and hence AMP will strive constantly to adhere to Islamic ethos. Zakat foundation will neither engage in any unislamic activity, nor will it condone any such activity.  Non-sectarian Organization  Though Zakat foundation is an organization formed by Muslim professionals, neither does Zakat foundation owe allegiance, nor subscribe to any sect/s of Islam. Zakat foundation welcomes members of all sects, and provides equal opportunity to all, sans any discrimination on a sectarian basis.  Sectarian discussions within the ambit of Zakat foundation are strictly discouraged.  Non- affiliation to Politicians/ Political Parties  AMP is not affiliated to any political party. That doesn't tantamount to it being politically inactive. Political empowerment of the United Kingdom Muslim community is of paramount importance to Zakat foundation. In fact, it is one of the raisons d'être of Zakat foundation. Zakat foundation will get involved in political activities, which are beneficial to the Muslim community, and in some cases, may collaborate with politicians, and political parties, but at no point will it owe allegiance to any politician or political party, unless an express change to the contrary is made in this document.  Promotion of Peace  Mere economic development doesn't lead to the progress of a nation. The more peaceful a nation is, the more conducive it will be to all-round progress.  Zakat foundation will perpetually strive to promote peace, in the society.  Professional Management  is an organization, comprising of professionals, it goes without saying that it will be managed in a professional manner. Utmost transparency will be maintained in the handling of all activities. This will lead to increased efficacy, and deficiency, if any, being diagnosed, and taken care of, immediately.
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